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Track every keyword that sends visitors to your site.
See you biggest gains and losses across thousands of keywords - as well as new and lost positions.
Use our unique Keyword Groups to bucket and monitor the success of all long tail keywords containing a term such as 'how to' or 'review', rather than tracking a small handful.

Get full insight into your ranking performance:

We will request access to your Search Console account to prepare your reports

An Awesome SEO Profiler Alternative

Unparalleled rank tracking across unlimited keywords

Your site ranks for near endlesss long tail keywords, combinations and misspellings. You know Google will test your site in many different positions throughout the day.

Search personalization, device and geo location all mean your site doesn't have one rank for a keyword but multiple. Even the search a user made before they looked for your product or service could dramatically alter your pages' rank.

So why would you settle for a keyword tracker that shows a single snapshot of your site's performance, at one time of day?

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Understand your website's true performance

Don't settle for a rank checker like SEO Profiler that can only give you a single data point. Connect our rankexit checker to your Search Console account for powerful reporting on your average performance for the day, week or month.

You can gain incredible insights by tracking not just the position your site is in for a keyword but the traffic it is driving too. Our reports show the traffic you've gained or lost each month due to changes in position, as well as the new keyword ranks you've won that have started driving you traffic.

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Optimize your site for further gains

Your current seo position checker will tell you where you rank now. But does it tell you what you could change to rank better?

When you switch to A/B Rankings you'll discover a wealth of reports and insights to help improve your site. We crawl your site to discover issues and opportunities to improve your Google rankings.

You can discover the keywords and phrases missing from your pages that you nearly, but don't quite rank for using our Missing Keywords Reports. Or, you can explore our Low CTR report to discover pages with a below average organic click through rate, and take steps to tweak your titles and double your traffic - without building a single link.

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Bucket your keywords into groups to track performance for topics

Most rank trackers, including SEO Profiler, will place strict limits on how many keywords you can add. More importantly, they expect you to know which keywords to target ahead of time!

Using our keyword rank checker you can create dynamic keyword groups based on patterns in your keywords. These groups will track all search terms that your site appears for that match the pattern - even ones you've never seen before. Once you've created a group you can monitor the average position, the traffic the keywords send and the overall or individual click through rates you are achieving, putting you in full control

You can niche your groups into super specific terms or go ultra broad. Track action terms such as 'book' or 'buy' to view the rankings of your bottom of funnel keywords. Or build your group from terms such as 'how to' and 'which' to quickly see all the questions your customers could find you for.

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SEO Profiler Pricing vs A/B Rankings

A/B Rankings SEO Profiler
Keywords tracked for $29 /mo Unlimited n/a
Keywords tracked for $99 /mo Unlimited 3000
Requires Proxies? No no
Won / Lost Keywords Reporting All of them yes
Traffic Data From Search Console no
Keyword Cannibalization Yes no
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SEO Profiler offers simple keyword tracking in addition to a range of extra tools.

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We will request access to your Search Console account to prepare your reports