Test better titles and descriptions for a better click through rate

By making your link look more attractive than the others on Google's top ten, you can pull more searchers to click on your listings - just as the PPC advertisers do.

We make it simple to try new variations of your titles to get more clicks from your existing organic positions on Google

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Boost your rankings by targeting a wider range of keywords

A/B Rankings highlights important words your pages could rank for that are missing from your title.

This allows you to test new titles that cover more keywords, increase your ranks and attack the long tail.

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Advanced tests for every element on your page

But why stop at title tags? Using our powerful system you can replace, edit or append any element on your site.

Alter your pages on the fly. Test the impact of adding structured markup. Add product feature tables, or FAQs that target the OneBox. Demonstrate the value of longer product descriptions before investing in content for them all. The only limit is your own imagination.

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Tame your legacy sites

Stuck with a client on a legacy CMS but no budget to migrate to a new site? Take control of their site structure and template by applying fixes live to their site using our javascript widget.

Enhance their titles or 'noindex' their duplicate content issues without any additional developer time. Then use your results and improvements to get buy in for a more dramatic changes to their website

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Pricing Plans

Steal a march on the competition and start testing your titles today! Save 40% in our launch special!


$179 ($299)

per month

Get 2 months free with an annual plan!

10 Google Accounts
10 Websites
Unlimited Live Tests
5000 Pages/site
Daily Stats Updates


$0 ($49)

per month

Free forever

1 Google Account
1 Website
1 Live Test
Top 10 Pages
Daily Stats Updates

Don't fly blind. Record the value you create, & show it off with whitelabeled reports for your clients

Why should you test your SEO results?

As Google's algorithms get ever more complex, adding new factors and machine learning, it's no longer enough to rely on received wisdom and your own experience to know what will really move the needle for your site in your niche.

By using our accurate measurement tools and achieving statistical significance with your tests you can prove the value of your work and justify further investment into your SEO strategy.

Whether you are seeking buy in from your boss or client, or simply determining where best to spend your own limited time, A/B Rankings allows you to stop flying blind and prioritise the changes with the most impact.

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How can I get started with SEO split testing?

Simply connect your Search Console account and add a short snippet of Javascript to your site or Google Tag Manager.
Alternatively, you can install our plugin for Wordpress or Drupal to start your first test.

Once you add a test to our system it will go live on your site right away. We'll start monitoring for your changes to be reflected in Google, and show you the impact your changes had - as well as if they are statistically significant.

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