Our unlimited rank checker allows you to follow positions and progress for all your keywords in Google - and every long tail variation too!

By connecting your Google Search Console account to A/B Rankings you can track an unlimited number of keywords!

Monitor the progress of your head terms and all their modifiers across days, weeks or even months.

You can track as many individual keywords as you like. Or you can build groups of related phrases to see your progress for an entire bucket of keywords.

Why individual keyword tracking is no longer enough

It's been years since we could say website X ranks at #2 for the phrase [keyword tracker].

As Google works to personalize and add context to searches there is no longer a single rank for a site. Now, each searcher who looks for a keyword can find your site at a different position to the last.

Add to this Google's machine learning algorithms and you can see why there is no such thing as a fixed rank. Now Google will 'audition' a site at a range of positions and track feedback to decide if a site truly deserves to rank. Metrics like 'pogoing', organic click through rate and dwell time keep the SERPs in constant flux.

Old school rank trackers are practically obsolete. As one agency found[link], a site may change positions for a single keyword as many as 100 times a day. So why do we still check once per 24 hours - from a proxy that is no doubt known to Google?

Moving to average ranking position checks

If there is no single true position for a keyword any more, how can we measure progress? Keywords are still far from obsolete - the way users search has not changed that much. So what's the answer?

Rather than taking one sample we need to look at the average rank for a term. This is why A/B Rankings connects directly to Search Console instead of scraping Google. Only Google knows the true range and depth of your keyword rankings.

It's also time to move away from monitoring the progress of a single keyword as a proxy for your whole site.

Instead, start monitoring the progress of topics, by using keyword groups to watch all modifiers and synonyms.

It's time to stop claiming a single rank check at a single point in time as accurate.

Dynamic Keyword:Topic Groups

What if you could track your site's progress for every long tail term at once? Our dynamic keyword groups allow you to track the ranks for all keywords matching a set of words.

For instance, you might choose to track 'credit report' or 'credit history'. Our rank tracker would watch every keyword variation your site appears for, including:

  • credit reporting regulations
  • does my history affect a credit application
  • free credit report
  • plus thousands of other related terms you received impressions for

By tracking a bucket of keywords instead of a single sample you can see your site's true performance. No more yo-yoing or proxy failures messing with your data, instead a true, weighted result for where you pages ranked across the internet for a primary theme or topic.

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